Fees and charges

Course Fees

The cost per hour of a course varies to reflect, amongst other factors, the different ways that a course is funded, the type of courses offered and the size of the class. We endeavour to provide the best quality of learning experience and acknowledge this in our course fee structure.

Please contact us if you would like to talk with a member of staff about costs and possible payment options. Most courses include the cost of a registration fee, essential materials and exams where applicable.

You are required to pay course fees according to the payment terms published by the Service. Your continuation on the course and future enrolments onto subsequent courses may be at risk if there are fees owed. You must pay the fees even if you decide to withdraw from a course. If you withdraw from an accredited course, the Service will ask you to pay any relevant fees and funding.

Where the minimum number of learners on a course is not reached, we will do our best to offer alternatives rather than cancelling the course. Alternative options offered will consider the quality of learning experience and viability of the programme, ensuring learners will be able to achieve the outcome intended. All possible options will be explained, discussed and agreed with learners before implementation.

English & Maths

For learners who are eligible for government funding i.e. you have been ordinarily resident in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) for three years preceding the start of your course, you may eligible for full funding for English and Maths courses from Entry Level up to Level 2. This will depend on your prior attainment of English and Maths and a successful course approval assessment.

Levels 2 & 3

For level 2 courses, learners aged 24+ years may also pay the concessionary rate if they are unemployed, seeking work and on a benefit (this includes learners aged 19-23 who already hold a level 2 or level 3).

Advanced Learner Loans for Level 3 learning

Any UK resident aged 19 or over who enrols with us onto an eligible Level 3 or higher course, can apply for a Government funded loan to pay for the tuition and examination fee. This will be paid directly to the Service on your behalf via the Student Loans Company. Find out more here

Refund Policy

Course fees will be refunded only if the course is cancelled or closed prematurely by the Service. Refunds will not be granted if you choose to withdraw from a course.

Eligibility for Standard Fees

Standard fees advertised apply to those eligible to receive Government funding. If you have not been ordinarily resident in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) for three years preceding the start of your course the fees recommended by the ESFA will be applied in addition to materials and any exam costs.

Concessionary Fees

If you are claiming a concessionary rate, we will need to see valid (dated within 6 months) proof of your benefit at the time of enrolment or within 7 days of enrolling if enrolling online. You may be eligible to pay the reduced (concessionary) fee if you can provide evidence that you are receiving:

Employment & Support Allowance
Jobseeker’s Allowance
Income Support
Working Tax Credit or Pension Guarantee Credit
Housing or Council Tax Benefit
Universal Credit
Low income (less than national minimum/living wage or less than £18,135.00 annual gross salary.
For some courses different rules apply.

Your proof of entitlement has to be dated within the last 6 months and be valid at the time of enrolment. If the benefit is paid into your bank account, a recent bank statement may be needed. You may have to pay the full fee or may lose your place if you fail to supply the relevant evidence within 7 working days. If you have any queries about your status, your eligibility for standard fees or concessionary fees please contact the Service admin team on 0161 474 5801/2.

Financial Support

There are occasions when access to financial support may help with your learning. If you are on a low income, you can apply for help for support. Application forms and advice on how to complete them are available from administration staff and the Learner Services Coordinator.

You need to provide proof of eligibility at the time of enrolment. Financial support may help you with exam fees, travel, childcare and materials subject to terms and conditions. If you would like to discuss other ways to pay flexibly, please contact the Customer Enquiry Centre.

Flexible Payments

There are arrangements in place to support flexible payments – talk to the Service admin team to discuss options and to see the terms and conditions.

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