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What is Internal Quality Assurance?

Internal Quality Assurance is a quality improvement/management process. Internal Quality Assurers are responsible for the management of the assessment process to ensure the accuracy and consistency of assessment decisions between assessors, tutors and trainers and to ensure they are consistent in their interpretation and application of the requirements of QCF qualifications.
Rigorous Internal Quality Assurance relies upon a number of continuous and integrated activities, including:
a. Induction, including registration of assessors, tutors, trainers and learners
b. Assessment Planning
c. Assessment Decisions
d. Feedback
e. Review
f. Record Keeping
g. Certification, including unit Certification, where applicableWhat do Internal Quality Assurers do?The Internal Quality Assurer is central to the quality improvement/assurance of qualifications that are covered by QCF, both within the National Framework and within the Services Quality Improvement System. The role of the Internal Quality Assurer is crucial in ensuring confidence of all stakeholders in the awarding of QCF qualifications and involves four main aspects:
1. Operate and evaluate internal assessment and quality improvement/assurance systems
2. Support assessors, tutors and trainers
3. Monitor the quality of assessors, tutors and trainers performance
4. Meet external quality assurance requirements

Internal Quality Assurers are appointed by the service and verify the accuracy, consistency and quality of assessment at the unit level of a qualification.External Qualification Consultants/External Quality Assurers are appointed by Awarding Bodies. They confirm that centres are meeting the Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance requirements of the Regulated Qualifications Framework stipulated by RQF and provide advice and support for centres regarding the Awarding Bodies requirements and interpretation of National Standards.

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