Marking and assessment

Whole Service Marking and Assessment Policy 2018-19


At Stockport Adult Education Service we aim for high quality teaching and learning, and effective assessment, underpinned by our belief that all learners can succeed.

For this policy to be effective it is important to make a clear distinction between feedback and assessment that supports progress and that which confirms achievement.

The main purpose of this policy is to establish good practise in both cases and as such tutors will be required to mark learners work in all instances where the intention is to measure progress whether informal or formal.


We understand that assessment must:

  • allow tutors and learners to effectively build a picture of how they are performing in relation to both their course and personal targets.
  •  allow tutors to respond accurately to the learning needs of each learner and, with the contribution of support staff, give ongoing support that enables all learners to make progress
  • support and inform the target setting process including the completion and review of the confidence wheel.
  • allow learners the opportunity to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in their learning.
  • allow learners to have an active role in identifying their own learning needs and know how to improve their work.
  • inform service managers on its effectiveness to support evaluation and to continually improve on the quality of provision for all learners.


In order that all learning can be effective and efficient in prompting learners our marking policy is based on the following principles:


  • There will be focused pieces of work that are well marked e.g. controlled assessments.
  • The policy focuses on the level of learners and as such what work should be marked and when:
  • – Level 1 and 2 learners will have a minimum of two relatable pieces of work assessed each month.
  • – Guidance for entry level learners is – work is marked at least once a month, with a minimum of three times a half term.


  • Feedback should make a difference to how tutor teach and how learners make progress.
  • Future lessons will demonstrate that the teacher is aware of the gaps in a learners’ knowledge and that the teacher has planned learning experiences to support learners in closing them.
  • Progress will be evident in future work.
  • DIRT sessions may be evident but only when appropriate to the learners’ progress.


  • All feedback will be linked to learning.
  • Feedback will be linked to success criteria, lesson objectives and lesson outcomes.
  • Feedback will be used to inform the planning of future lessons.


  • Feedback will help learners know how to improve their work and make progress by developing skills and knowledge.
  • Feedback will be in a language that is accessible to all learners.
  • Will be consistent and in line with the ‘what went well,’ ‘even better if’ whole Service policy.

All marking will be carried out in the following way:

  • All marking must be carried out using either black or blue pen.
  • It is at the discretion of the tutor how many comments are written under each heading, but there must be a minimum of two comments for each:
  • DIRT Peer and self-assessment
  • WWW – abbreviation ‘what went well’
  • EBI – used as an abbreviation ‘even better if
  • The whole Service literacy marking policy must be used.

The whole Service literacy marking policy must be used.

Literacy Marking Policy:

The expectation is that identified key pieces of work are marked for literacy at least once a term in all subject areas. The following principles should be applied:

  • Agreed literacy codes will be used effectively and appropriately to highlight literacy errors.
  • Areas for improvement are highlighted by tutor and reflected upon and corrected by learners.
  • Misspelling of subject specific key vocabulary will always be addressed.
  • Learners will recognise the need to use accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar and understand the importance of responding to corrected work.

Service Policy:

  • The Programme Manager and Advanced Practitioner will be responsible for the monitoring of marking and feedback for the Service.
  • Individual tutors will be responsible for the consistent application of marking and feedback policy.
  • Policies will be monitored by the Service Manager and the Governing Body.