Learner commitment

Stockport Continuing Education Service 2019/20

Learner commitment 

Welcome to the Continuing Education Service in Stockport.

It is important to us that your time here is a rewarding one. To do this it’s helpful for you to understand our expectations, and the commitment you need to make.

Treat everyone you come in to contact with, with dignity and respect. If you feel you are not being treated fairly speak to your tutor or a senior member of staff

All staff and learners are expected to understand and apply, at all times, the following principles that underpin British Values:

The rule of law
Individual liberty
Respect and tolerance

You will have the opportunity to discuss these principles further during your time with us.

Come to your sessions ready to learn with high expectations of yourself and your tutor. They are here to support you.

Be on time and attend all your sessions. If you are not here you’re not learning and you may not be allowed to continue if your attendance is not good.

Keep your portfolio organised and tidy. Your work is an important record of your learning and how well you are doing. Please take pride in it.

Complete your learner diaries every week as a reminder of what you have, and still need to learn.

You will be provided with a personal pocket dictionary which you can use to write down new and unfamiliar words and phrases. Please keep this safe.

Treat the resources that are made available to support your learning with care e.g. computers etc.

Lastly and most importantly is your safety and wellbeing. If you have any concerns during your time with us please speak to your tutor or a senior member of staff. Any issues or concerns you raise with staff will be treated as confidential unless it is a safeguarding concern in which case it will be explained to you how we will be dealing with your concerns.

We are here at all times to help you to do well and be successful in your learning. So finally, good luck and every success in your time with us learning.